A Former Addict, Now A Fitness Buff

My name is Angela. I am a recovered heroine & crystal meth addict. I got my first gym membership when I was 30 days sober on August 10, 2010. I checked into rehab at 98lbs, 5ft8in. Since that day, I have earned my certification for personal training, won two NPC Bikini competitions & started my own supplement company.

My biggest motivation is my son. I never had a healthy person to look up to and I am determined to show him that creating a healthy life will guarantee success and happiness in his future.

I decided to change my life because my life was almost taken from me when I was smothered and beat in my sleep at 18 years old. I fought for my life, I knew I did not want to die but I also knew that if i continued to use drugs and spend my time with destructive people that it would end my life.

Music in general motivates me, the momentum, the meaning, anything that makes me feel something brings me motivation. I am all about energy and directing energy in the right direction.

I started off slow with no direction. I looked up basic routines and stuck to them until I wasn’t improving anymore. I didn’t introduce supplements into my journey until about a year in where I decided to start using a pre-workout (Superpump). When I decided I wanted to reach a higher level, that’s when I decided I wanted to compete. I added weight gainer protein, BCAAS & many others. I also started adding more sets and different exercises to my routines, I lengthen cardio time and added HIIT cardio.

I never envisioned myself where I am today because my sons father told me it wasn’t achievable, that I didn’t have what it took to become a pro bikini competitor or to have my own company. I was told that I just needed to work a “normal” job and live like everyone else. That isn’t me, I know I am destined for greatness. I am put on this earth to show others it’s possible to change your life. I did multiple times, HOW? I eliminated the negative energy. Was it hard? More difficult that anything.

Leaving heroine and crystal meth, leaving life long friends, leaving my sons father and leaving my home town all lead me to where I am today. It’s about accepting that not all things will last forever. Everything happens for a reason, people are brought into your life to teach you something.