Netflix is blocking VPN services

Netflix is blocking VPN services

Since the beginning of the year, Netflix is at war with the VPN. An attitude that gave rise to a petition, but also an attempt to dialogue.

It is at the beginning of that Netflix has decided to stop recreation, expressing its determination to neutralize the crafty ones who use various technical devices – such as virtual private networks (VPN) – to try to take advantage of an another catalog of video on demand (SVOD) subscription prescribed for their country of origin.

Opening hostilities against the VPN, proxies and other unblockers that are beyond the geographical limitations of the American platform has already resulted in noticed reactions, in the image of the NordVPN provider who, aware that the war of Netflix will no doubt make him lose clients, decided to make his fight by standing on the side of free riders.

It is in this context that a petition calling for a change in policy on the part of Netflix.

Launched earlier this year on LeBlanc, she now brings together more than 45,000 signatures. The central argument developed by the petition is respect for privacy that offers the use of a VPN in a post-Snowden context where it has been shown that the intelligence services – mainly the NSA – conduct a mass Internet surveillance. That said, you have to wonder however why someone would fear that the NSA discovers he’s not Marseilles but rather a series that is not available in France.

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“We are customers of Netflix because we love your service and we appreciate help creators.” It’s great to watch quality content and know that authors are paid by the way. “But we also love our privacy,” reads the open letter may 11 was added to the petition, and that speaks to Reed Hastings, Netflix boss.

In reality, the subject of discord concerns obviously little on the protection of the private life relatively hypocritical on a video service on demand, anyway, keeps a history of all that look at the Subscriber. It is mainly to be able to continue to work around the exclusivity agreements imposed by the producers, who limited the dissemination of their series and their films to some countries

“Lately, as subscribers, you don’t treated us have not well. In recent months, Netflix has begun to prevent VPN users access to any catalogue of Netflix as a way to improve the restrictions on national licensing agreements”, says the petition, which calls for a relaxation of the site of SVOD on this point.

In fact, Netflix would like to accept the VPN. It would be enough to offer international licenses, so that the entire catalog of the service is the same for all, regardless of the country in which is located the user. The lifting of restrictions is a long-standing desire, but they are unfortunately imposed by contract during the negotiation of licenses.

In France the most famous case is that of the series House of Cards, which was purchased by Canal + and has been long inaccessible to customers located in France. The situation has changed this spring with the release of season 4. Indeed, Netflix is able to regain control of the other three seasons so as to offer them on its service. But many other series or films remain unavailable in France, because their exclusive rights have been purchased by Canal +, Orange, SFR-Numericable, broadcasters, or other because that their rights were not purchased at all for France, not even by Netflix.