The Weight Watcher Point Book

The Weight Watcher Point Book

Weight Watchers Points Program has been very successful, because of the weight loss tools that they use.  This includes the use of a weight watcher point book.  We’ll have a look at both the advantages and disadvantages of that point system, how it works, and why it is so successful. Hopefully this will help you decide whether or not the Weight Watchers Point System is right for you.

Advantages of the weight watcher point book:
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Weight Watchers combines the nutrition, counseling, exercise, the point system including the weight watcher point book, which are all important keys to weight loss and healthy living.

The way the program deals with nutritional values using the weight watcher point book, means that dieters are never left feeling hungry, because the body’s metabolism rate is always maintained, while still avoiding creating fat storage within the body.

A very nutritional diet plan which includes the point counting system, recipes and even meals to members if you so wish.  Points are calculated on a slide rule or by using the weight watcher point book.

Offer face-to-face support with regular weekly meetings and online counseling as well.

It can be done online via their website that through help forums that conduct meetings as well as regular chat session, and there are all kinds of tools such as the Weight Watchers point book, all to be found online.

You can choose to work alone using just the tools or to attend meetings either online or at your local center.

The Points program avoids pill pushing and the use of calorie reducing starvation techniques, instead opting for a point system, which brings awareness to the dieter without the stress of calorie counting.

The Weight Watchers Point System removes the worry of calorie counting for those that are looking to loose weight.  Dieters have the freedom to choose what they eat all based on the point system and moderation.  An incredible number of positive testimonials are available on the success of the weight watcher plan combined with the weight watcher point book.

Disadvantages of the weight watcher point book:

The Weight Watchers Point System relies on the sale of their point products, which include the Weight Watchers Point Book, Weight Watchers Point Calculator found online, and the Weight Watchers Point Chart. These devices are marketed very aggressively to prospective dieters.

Advertising makes overweight people believe they can lose weight without sacrificing any of the foods they love so dearly. The truth however is that through the Weight Watchers Point System you are only able to very tiny portions of those unhealthy foods.

Dieters become obsessed with food and the point value.  This results in a level of stress if the point book is not handy at the time of eating.

Weight Watchers Point System with their slide rule and Weight Watcher point book offer both advantages and disadvantages if you are dieting. Understanding these aspects, as well as understanding yourself is critical to a successful weight loss program whether it is using the weight watcher point book or a calorie counting book.